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     Welcome to Louisiana Parents Against Common Core (La P.A.C.C.).  This website is brought to you by a group of Louisiana parents who are taking a stand against Common Core.   We have worked hard to provide this website as a tool for you to become educated and aware of what is going on in our schools.  Please note that this website is provided by parents to parents.

    While we hope you find this website nice and fancy, please know that this is the part time labor of moms who have jobs, children to raise, and a pile of laundry that probably needs to be washed!  Rest assured LaPACC is not a special interest group or political organization.  Any money used in our fight comes right out of our pockets, and will continue that way so that we have to answer to NO ONE when it comes to our views on kicking Common Core out of Louisiana.

     If you are just now hearing about Common Core or at the beginning of your research, it is easy to become overwhelmed.  The purpose of this website is to serve as a starting point for you.  Our intention is to provide clear, easy to understand information that will lead you to do your own research. There is much, much more to discover.  

      Please take some time to look over the information that is provided.  Alone, our voice will only go so far, but together we CAN make a difference!

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